About Multi-Gun Shooting

Over the last few years shooting 3 guns at Livingston gun club, I have noticed a need for a more centralized website for the shooters to be able to check scores, find local match’s and see different types of reviews on 3-gun specific gear. We want to make it a bit easier for the new comer to be able to come and participate in our local matches.

Over the next few months we will be adding multiple “how-to” video tutorials on things like how to get started in 3-gun, what equipment you will need, different divisions and what type of equipment they use. We will also have many reviews and videos for the seasoned 3-gunner, showing different 3-gun gear that people like to use and the differences between them. This will also be a place to come and check your scores from Livingston gun club and you will be able to sign up using your email so you can stay updated on the future match’s for 3-gun in Michigan. If you have any questions or suggestions at all please feel free to email us.

Michigan Multi-Gun